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Olympia N Black of Kingly Shine, DCC 11732, 11.7.16, tricolour Wotan Blue Thunder of Kingly Shine - Indian black Starry Sky of Kingly Shine Z: Sabine Scheinkönig, E: Annette Ohl

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Kingly Benefits DuCali. Chapter 4: The Dragons Keep and it flowed around his fingers like silk— copper-gold curls grasping his skin as if to invite more contact. She was a warm bundle that fit nicely where he’d pulled her onto his lap, and he thought of another night, months ago on a ledge in the misty mountains where he’d sat her very similarly (but much more lecherously) in his

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lahja n gold of kingly shine DM N/N libre de la mielopatia degenerativa. Yesterday·s Hero of Dawn Habour (Padre) Wicani Wind In Her Hair (Madre) ARBOL GENEALOGICO. Yesterday’s Hero of Dawn Harbour: Stonehaven’s Corey: Black Classiel’s Shine of Gold: Ch. Snowpaw Wild Fiancé: Droplet’s Female Friend: Black Glynis of Kingly Shine: Blue Bear of Kingly Shine: McCloud’s Magic Is Mine: Annabell von den …

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Pebblecreeks I Solemnly Swear; Apple Honey of Kingly Shine; Eowyn Black Dream of Kingly Shine; Indian black Starry Sky of Kingly Shine; Kayleigh ´N` black of Kingly Shine

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After this, the king, standing up, was vested in the tunicle, dalmatic and royal mantle, all of azure blue velvet sprinkled with fleurs-de-lys of gold, representing the …

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lahja n gold of kingly shine CLOTHING . xxvii. Historical lexicon of Persian clothing. Only terms for garments used in Persia at the present time or known to have been used in the past are included here; some of these garments were or are also worn in other Muslim countries.

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lahja n gold of kingly shine Wotan Blue Thunder of Kingly Shine. 29.09.2010: Rainbow Delights Best Friend Sam

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lahja n gold of kingly shine Collie Kurzhaar Richterin Eva Eriksson: Veteranenklasse - Rüden: 1. 1 CAC-V CAC(VDH)-V,BR BOB: Markyllas Magic Gwendyn, NHSB 2375745, 13.9.05 Cinnaberrys Lionheart - Elke vom Ihlpol

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SNICKERS ’NGOLD OF KINGLY SHINE Owner: Kotras Sabine. VETERANENKLASSE 1 2 3 Pro MAGAZINE CAPTURING SPECIAL MOMENTS Dog www.ProDogMagazine.com IHA GRAZ 2018 Veteranenklasse Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch (A) Tibetan Terrier COOL JAZZ SPIRIT OF HAPPINESS Owner: van Bommel Bianca Border Collie BORDERLINE COUNTRY JUSTINSTYLE Owner: Janku …

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lahja n gold of kingly shine Lahja N Gold of Kingly Shine * 02.10.2015, CEA-frei (Carrier), mdr1 +/-, HD-A DNA Profil vorhanden Ahnentafel Show Bottrop August 2016, Richterin Eva Eriksson JKH V1


Vater: Ivanhoe Golden Knight of Kingly Shine Mutter: Lahja N Gold of Kingly Shine Meine Werte: HD-A, ED-0, OCD-Frei, CEA.kl.-Frei, DNA +/-, MDR 1+/+, DM +/+

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