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Your home for Lotto in BC! Learn how to play all your favourite lottery games and see lotto winning numbers.

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The winning Mega Millions numbers are 4-8-15-25-47-42. The Lost lottery numbers are 4-8-15-16-23-42. Four out of six numbers are the same.

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Visually, "Numbers" is one of Season 1s best-looking episodes, one of the most beautifully shot and skilfully directed. The island setting is both beautiful and mysterious still. Michael Giacchinos score is one of his best for the show, fitting beautifully with both an understated and chilling edge.

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The boxed ticket number on the customer receipt will match the ticket number on your LOTTO ticket. A winning ticket will show the prize amount. A winning ticket will show that the ticket is in the winner file.

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Unclaimed Prizes Most lottery prizes are claimed quickly. This chart includes information about draw-based game prizes in excess of $10,000 that have gone unclaimed for three months or more.

WCLC - Unclaimed Prizes

Lost Lottery Tickets It is important to be aware that the National Lottery is under no obligation to pay out on any ticket that has been lost; however, there is a chance that they will consider appeals as long as they are lodged within 30 days of the relevant draw.

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Family’s first in life – and jackpot lottery wins! – for Vivienne Mills, who won a whopping $10 million after matching all six numbers on her Lotto 6/49 ticket purchased on PlayNow.com for the April 3, 2019 draw.

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A special sequence of numbers took a prominent place in the narrative, and these so-called Lost lottery numbers have not been forgotten, even after the series came to an end. Besides the numbers from the long-running Lost TV show, winning lottery numbers have appeared in …

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