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Parlay Entertainment offer a great bingo software, and with great software comes great sites that offer their games, here is a list of Parlay Entertainment Bingo sites.

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Parlay Entertainment was founded way back in 1998, before the majority of their competitors. They are based out of Canada and have become one of the major players in the online bingo industry.

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Parlay Entertainment. Parlay Entertainment are a Canadian gaming software development company, based in Burlington, Ontario. The company was founded in 1998, and has been developing online bingo and casino gaming software ever since.

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Parlay Games Inc. develops and licenses flexible internet bingo and casino software products for the online bingo and interactive gaming industry. Expand your existing operation or establish a new interactive bingo community by leveraging the Parlay software suite of games and business tools. Our multi-player technology is used to power more online bingo sites than any other software provider

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Parlay Games Inc. is a Canadian-based developer of online bingo software founded by Perry Malone and Scott White. Parlay is well known for having pioneered online bingo software for which they hold patents in the US and Canada for their online bingo software platform. Their bingo software has powered sites around the globe since 1998

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Parlay Entertainment has successfully negotiated a few ups and downs. We have to report that Parlay has a history of financial problems. But in 2011, it emerged from a period of restructuring and added new customers from Europe, North America, and the UK.

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Parlay Entertainment bingo rooms are known for their high quality when it comes to bingo games as well as side games. The company recently up graded their software to include features that makes functions as chat and side games a lot more easy to deal with.

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