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Viking Lotto results online – Check Viking Lotto numbers viking lotto countries Lotto 6aus49 has been played in Germany since 1955 and provides a minimum jackpot of €1 million, with draws held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Irish Lotto Played every Wednesday and Saturday evening, Irish Lotto offers players a jackpot of at least €2 million if …
European Lotteries - EuroMillions Vikinglotto. Vikinglotto is a multi-national lottery played in nine different countries across Europe. Draws take place every Wednesday at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway.
Vikinglotto - Wikipedia Get the latest results for Vikinglotto, the game that is played every Wednesday across nine countries. You can also play online for your chance to win jackpots up to €35 million!
Viking Lotto | The very first multi-national lottery game Viking Lotto results. The popular European lottery Viking Lotto is a game of chance which was started in 1993 by 5 countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.
Latest Vikinglotto Results Online | theLotter viking lotto countries The Viking Lotto started, with five participating countries, these were the Norway lottery run by Norsk Tipping, the Finland lottery run by Veikkaus, the Sweden lottery with Svenska Spel, the Denmark lottery run by Danske Spil and the Iceland lottery run by Islensk Getspa.
Vikinglotto: Draws every Wednesday viking lotto countries Game Rules in Each Country. The main Vikinglotto game is played in a similar way across all of the participating countries. Players choose six numbers plus a Viking number and win prizes by matching them with those drawn in the lottery.
Sweden - Viking Lotto | Lotto 365 Viking Lotto lottery was founded in 1993 by the lottery enterprises of five countries, namely Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. In 2000, Estonia joined the participating countries, making it possible to play larger cash prizes.
Lotteries by country - Wikipedia Viking Lotto presents the initial multi-national lottery in the globe. As the aim is to have a lot of players taking part and creating a high prize pool, this game is present all through Scandinavia.
Vikinglotto: View the Latest Results and Play Online The Viking Lotto was created in 1993 when the lottos of five different countries joined up to form the Viking Lotto bloc. Today members of the Viking Lotto include the countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. A few years later the Republic of Estonia also joined. Depending on the region the Viking Lotto is also known as the Onsdags Lotto or the Vikingalotto.
Viking Lotto | Lottopedia.org viking lotto countries A few years later, after some success, the Viking Lotto bloc grew to a total of 6 countries, with Estonia joining the fray on March 22, 2000. Then, in 2011, Viking Lotto saw 2 more countries join—Latvia and Lithuania—which completes the current lineup of 8 countries offering the lotto.
Vikinglotto (Latvia) Lottery | Jackpot €14,100,000 The Viking Lotto is known by many names - in Finland, it is known as Veikkaus, in Iceland it is called Víkingalottó, in Denmark it is known as Onsdags Lotto (Wednesday Lotto), in Sweden - VikingLotto and in Norway and Estonia it is known simply as Viking Lotto.
Vikinglotto Overall odds of winning a prize in Viking Lotto are 1 in 6. *Note that the prize tiers differ in each participating country (with the exception of the top two), and not all countries
Participating Countries | Vikinglotto The Viking Lotto presented the world’s first lottery game that was multi-national. It was created in order for a huge jackpot lottery to be provided to the entire area of Scandinavia area and also appeal to new players and raise the turnovers of every state’s own national lottery.

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